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 Simone Rotili is an Italian author, he has worked for one year at the Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources For Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). He is co-founder of the Professional Network ConsultRiver and the owner and creator of several websites, among the others, www.rotfel.com, and www.ep10.eu. His scientific publications are based on ministerial programs and are used as textbooks at degree courses in Pharmacy.

Published textbooks

*  S.Rotili; “ASPIRAZIONI – Scientifiche, politiche e romantiche” ; Original title [ITA.] ;  11 july 2008.

*  S.Rotili; “DRUG ANALYSIS REPORT ; Original Title [ENG.] ; Narcissus Editore ;  First Revised Edition 2013 (First Edition 17th of november 2011).

*  S.Rotili; “IL MANUALE SACRO DELLO STUDENTECome organizzare il metodo di studio” ; Original title [ITA.] ;  Narcissus Editore ; Published the 24 of sempember 2013.

*  S.Rotili; “IL MANUALE PROFANO DELLO STUDENTEIl modo intelligente di copiareOriginal title [ITA.] ;  Narcissus Editore ; Published the 24th of september 2013.

* S.Rotili; “REPORT SULL’ANTITRUST NEL SETTORE FARAMCEUTICO” ; Original title [ITA] ; Narcissus Editore ; Published the 21st of december 2014.

* S.Rotili; “FORMULARIO DI DIETOLOGIA” ; Original title [ITA] ; Narcissus Editore ; Published the 26th of June 2015




Email : simonerotili@rotfel.com

Tel: 0039 340 70 99 239

Web site: www.rotfel.com