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ROTFEL Tips & Tricks

The ROTFEL Tips & Tricks (T&Ts) is a cathegory of articles aimed to collect relevant flash information which shold be kept in mind, which should not be mistaken at all, and that should be frequently refreshed. It aims to facilitate the everyday challanges of the healthcare practitioners and students, by furnishing quick access to mnemonic tips and tricks, through each and every imaginable fashion (it could be a scheme, a picture, a drawing, an acronym, a code, a song or whatever).

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Focus from Mundi to Regna

Mundus Biota Abiota Arborea Terrabiota Esobiota Clade Ribosa (made up of DNA or RNA) Aribosa Imperium Cytota Acytota Regio Eukaryota Prokaryota Virii Prions Cryms Regnum “kingdom” AnimaliaPlantae Fungi Protista Chromista…

Scientific classification (Taxonomy)

Karl von Linne was born in Sweden, Latinized in Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778). His great work, Systema Naturae, published in 1735, developed through 13 editions throughout his life. Linneo is best…