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Heare you find detailed descriptions of the healthcare terminology, with mostly used words in the everyday life of a phisician or a pharmacist, or to each and every people which work in the healthcare area.


Pharmaceutical lexicon

The word Idiosyncrasy comes from greek :  <<idios->> “ἴδιος” (which means “your own”) and <<-sincrasis>> “σύνκρᾶσις” (which means “behaviour”). In the healthcare area this term indicate a condition of a patient wich show a particularly violent reaction to a substance (gasseous, liquid or solid) which is generally not dengerous. Idiosyncrasy is different from an allergic […]


Pharmaceutical lexicon

The word parenteral comes from greek  <<para->> “παρα-” which means beyond and <<-enteron>> -ἔντερον which means  intestine. In the healthcare area the parenteral pathway indicate the entrance of a substance through a pathway which is not absorbed by the intestine (i.e. which is not taken as oral or anal pathwaies as food , a pill, […]

COURSE (of the illness)

Pharmaceutical lexicon

The course of the illness is the period of time which goes from the beginning to the end of a pathology; during the course of the illness there are the modifications of the clinical state of the patient. The course of the illnesses is distinguished into acute course, (when the illness shows abruptly and in […]


Pharmaceutical lexicon

Etiology Is a branch of medicine which study what cause. It comes from Latin words “ætiõlogia” which means “the sudy of the cause” from “aìtia-“ which means “cause” (undetermined coming) and “-logia” which means “study”. When a disease has a monofactorial etiology (which means that it can be cause by a specific and unique cause) […]

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